TLCHF-FP UF In-line Water Membrane
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TLCHF-FP UF In-line Water Membrane

2,5" x 12" UF membrane in white in-line housing - 1/4" NPT.

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Compatible with most under-counter systems available on the market. Due to the small pore size (0,02 micron) in combination with its unique structure, which decreases from the outside to the inside, the membrane is capable of removing various contaminants such as: sand, silt, rust and other suspended impurities, most bacteria, and some viruses.

Large sediment particles are blocked near the capillary surface (surface filtration) and smaller ones flow inside until they are captured by smaller pores (depth filtration).

Unlike RO membranes, UF membranes are characterized by zero rejection ratio which in turn leads to quicker and more efficient delivery of clean water. Moreover hollow fiber UF membranes leave beneficial minerals intact. TLCHF is designed for cold potable water filtration.


 - High quality
 - Competitive pricing
 - Does NOT remove water minerals
 - Removes sediment particles, most bacteria and some viruses
 - Compatible with most filtration systems available on the market
 - Made in the EU with High Quality materials General Description

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