Transparent Filter Housing 10″ APSUC 12C 1/2″ BSP
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Transparent Filter Housing 10″ APSUC 12C 1/2″ BSP

High pressure (10 bar) filter houing 1/2

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It is a 10’’ basket, which can be placed in line to the central provision on cold water (solid particles, particulates, chlorine, reduction of heave metals etc).
The cross section of the 1/2’’ filter, helps the central provision and their high pressure resistance makes the installation suitable in almost every house.
It concludes a clamping key, base and wall mounting screws.It is common to equip them with filters for the removal of sand, soil and rust, but also and active carbon filter for the removal of chlorine.It fits all the 10’’ water filter of the market. The central provision water filters are also suitable for the filtration of the whole house.
Before buying them, make sure you have accessibility in the central provision pipe, and sore their installation, it should be better to call a professional plumber.
The filter replacement is also important to avoid any pressure drop.

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