AIFIR-M Mineralization Aqua Filter In-line Water Cartridge
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AIFIR-M Mineralization Aqua Filter In-line Water Cartridge

Aqua Filter's In-line mineralizer cartridge.

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It enriches the human body with:

• Calcium: One of the most important trace elements for the human body as it is necessary for healthy teeth and bones. It helps correct digestion, good functioning and normal heartbeat, as well as good functioning of the arteries and muscles.
• Magnesium: It takes part in more than 300 different biochemical functions within the human body. It is a determining factor for the immune system but also for proper blood circulation. It prevents cancer related to diseases, atherosclerosis, stroke and renal diseases.
• Sodium: It is responsible for the absorption and retention of water in the human body as well as for the balance of ph in the human body. It is an excellent blood regulator.

Available size: 2 "x 10"
Working temperature: 2OC - 45oC
Longevity: 6 - 12 months (depending on feed water quality).