AICRO-AB Water Carbon In-Line Cartridge
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AICRO-AB Water Carbon In-Line Cartridge

In-line Granular carbon cartridge with antimicrobial agent

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High-quality construction and performance filter, removes chlorine, organic substances, certain pesticides and improves the odor and flavor of filtered water.

BACinix ™ nanosilver technology protects the filter from microbiological development, increasing its longevity and has full bacteriostatic action.

It can be installed in series on RO systems, SIDE-BY-SIDE type refrigerators and direct flow systems.

The AICRO-AB filter is the fifth stage in the EXCITO-CL system.

Size: 2 "X 10".
Operating temperature: 20 C - 45 C.
Longevity: 6 to 12 months (depending on feed water quality.

Certifications:   wras_160x80.jpg