AIFIR2000 Ionizing In-line Water Cartridge
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AIFIR2000 Ionizing In-line Water Cartridge

High quality In-line negative ionizer cartridge.

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Tap water, due to the treatment to be drunk and its piping, contains various heavy metals and other harmful substances (asbestos, nitrite, chlorine, etc.). These metals and dangerous substances gradually accumulate in the human body and toxicise it.

Ionized water is better absorbed by the body and has a positive effect on biological processes and toxins are removed from the body much easier.

Water by ionization, helps the body cleanse the toxins, regulates the blood pH, removing free radicals that affect the aging process.

AIFIR 2000 is the solution for most reverse osmosis systems and simple flow filters.


* Helps eliminate toxins and acidic residues from metabolism.
* Strengthens the immune system.
* It balances the acidity created in the human body due to poor nutrition, stress and lifestyle of modern humans.
* Helps to deal with allergies.
* Oxygenates the body.
* Balances the body's PH.
* Cleanses the digestive system.
* Prevents osteoporosis.
* It has antioxidant properties.
* Improves the taste of water.
* Foods that have been cooked with ionized water are more digestible and       healthier   

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AIFIR 2000