In-Line Soften 3-Stage Cooling Filter
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In-Line Soften 3-Stage Cooling Filter

It consists of 3 stages of water purification.

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The 3-step filter of the Aqua Filter provides high quality water filtration by combining polypropylene, activated carbon and softener filters.

1st stage polypropylene filter Aqua Filter AIPRO

The In-line sediment filter cartridge removes sediments such as sand, mud, rust and suspended solids. Put on compact systems and reverse osmosis Available with 1/4 "NPT connection.

Available sizes: 2 "x10"
Available micron: 5
Operating temperature: 2 C - 45 C

Longevity: 3-6 months (depending on water quality).

2nd Stage AISTRO 2 "x10" in-line water softener cartridge - 1/4 "

In-line water softener cartridge. With the calcium ion and magnesium ion exchange method with sodium ions reduces the hardness of the water.

Available size: 2 "x10"
Operating temperature: 2 C - 45 C
Longevity: 3-6 months (depending on feed water quality).

3Stage In-line AICRO Active Filter AICRO Filter by Aqua Filter, Dimension
"10 x2"

Provides maximum protection against chlorine, pesticides and other organic pollutants, effectively purifying the water that passes, while improving its taste and smell.
The way of making the activated carbon filters ensures maximum water supply as the chemical, inside the filter, is in the form of a grain.
It is used as a carbon pre-filter in water coolers with a filtration system and as a final stage (fifth) in post carbon filter systems.

Their life span ranges from 4 to 6 months, depending on the quality of the water flowing through the filter medium.